Can You Sit Cross-Legged after Knee Replacement?

Can You Sit Cross-Legged After Knee Replacement

If you are considering Knee Replacement Surgery in Patna you likely have a lot of questions. Most questions have to do with post-surgery activities and range of motion. In this article, I answer the question Can You Sit Cross-Legged after Knee Replacement?

Well, sitting cross-legged and squatting is not advised. If a person opts for a knee implant.

How to Sit after Knee Replacement?

Following is the proper way to sit down and stand up after a total knee replacement surgery.

How to sit

  • Sit on a stable chair with your injured leg in front of your other leg
  • Follow the safety measures and weight-bearing status as instructed by the doctor
  • Too much of a weight burden can reinjure your knee
  • Back up to the bed or chair until the back of your knees are touching the bed/chair
  • Reach your hands back for the bed or chair. Maintain your weight-bearing status!
  • Lower your body slowly-slowly into a seated position.

How to stand

  • Scoot to the edge of the bed/chair.
  • Bend your uninjured leg back to support in standing
  • With your hands on the bed or chair, push yourself up to the standing position
  • Bring one hand at a time up to your walker or crutches

Sitting on the floor after knee replacement

Most of the patient scan squat or sit on the floor after surgery. However, the knee gets extra loading while getting up and it is recommended that one sits on the floor only in case of an emergency.

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What Should I Avoid after Knee Replacement?

Precautions after knee replacement: your new joint needs extra care in the first few weeks after surgery. Certain movements need to be avoided. And setting realistic expectations will go a long way to ensuring proper healing and injury avoidance.

Certain movements you should refrain for several weeks after surgery to avoid injury.

What not to do after knee replacement surgery:

  • Swiveling on the ball of your foot
  • Sleeping with a pillow under your knee
  • Crossing your legs for several weeks post-operatively

Can We Sit Down after Knee Replacement?

It depends on how long it’s been. If you have done all of your therapy that makes you limber so that you can bend your knee.

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