Fat Binders VS Fat Burners: Which Supplement To Choose?

Fat burners vs Fat binders

When talking about weight loss supplements, you must’ve heard of fat burners.

Fat burners are ruling the supplement market for decades. It has received the vote of confidence from actors to athletes.

However, there is one more weight loss product that has grabbed the attention and that is the fat binder.

Many may confuse fat binder with fat burner.

But in reality, even though the primary motive of both the supplements is the same, they both are completely different.

So, what are fat binders?

And are fat binders safe?

Well, we have all your answers. So accompany us till the end to know more.

Fat Burner vs Fat Binder

To start with, first, let’s understand what a fat binder is and how is it different from fat burners.

What Is Fat Burner?

Fat Burners are the dominant weight loss supplement that burns the stubborn stored fat to make you lose weight.

To clarify, fat-burning pills mobilize your stored fat into your bloodstream which is later burned via exercise.

What Is Fat Binder?

In contrary to fat burners, fat binders work inside the digestive tract of your body and prevent the fat to get stored.

Therefore when it comes to fat binders vs fat burners, the basic difference is where fat burners help burn the stored fat, fat binders help prevent the storage of fat in the first place.

How Do Fat Binders Work?

After testifying the positive results of fat burners, it’s not easy to develop the same confidence for other products.

Thus, to answer the budding question like do fat binders work, it is crucial to understand how fat binders work.

Here is the step-wise breakdown of how the best fat binders work.

#STEP 1: The main ingredient of fat binders i.e. chitosan. When consumed, chitosan dissolves in the stomach acids and change into gel form.

#STEP 2: With the unique ability to attach itself to fat in the stomach, chitosan now attaches itself to fat droplets in the organs.

#STEP 3: Now fat and chitosan move from your stomach to your intestine.

#STEP 4: At this stage, chitosan transforms the insoluble fat deposits into such a form that can’t be broken further by the digestive enzymes.

#STEP 5: And in the last step, the body throws this insoluble deposit out of the body.

So basically, fat binders trap the fat and prevent it to get absorbed, and eventually throws it out of the body.

However, like any other supplement, these two also have their benefits and side effects.

Fat Binders vs Fat Burners: Benefits & Side Effects

Notwithstanding that both fat burner and fat binder work to help you lose weight, it is vital to know the pros and cons of consuming these supplements.

Below stated are the numerous benefits as well as side effects of both fat burner and fat binder.

Benefits Of Fat Binders and Fat Burners

Following are the benefits of fat binder and fat burner:

As stated earlier, a fat binder doesn’t let the fat get absorbed in the first place. And this has been the point of attraction as mentioned by many users in the fat binders reviews.

Also, as fat has a high-calorie density, you end up losing a lot of calories as well in this process.

Whereas, fat burners on the other hand increase your metabolism and help you ramp up your workout regime, and tricks you into losing the stored fat.

Moreover, it also amplifies your energy level.

Side Effects Of Fat Binders And Fat Burners

Following are the side effects of fat binders and fat burners:

Some of the side effects of natural fat binders as reported by people in the fat binder reviews are:

#1. Bloating

#2. Diarrhea

#3. Cramping, and

#4. Gas

The side effects of fat burners include chances of high blood pressure due to stimulants like caffeine.

Consuming fat burners may also lead to sleeplessness.

Hence, both weight loss supplements come with their benefits and side effects.

Where fat burners are more popular and widely acceptable, fat binders are the less glam ones.

Take-Home Message

so this was all about Fat Binders VS Fat Burners.

When it comes to weight loss supplements, both fat burners and fat binders work well.

Where fat burners are more popular, fat binders are still looking for wider recognition.

In our experience, both the supplements complement each other. Where fat burners help burn the fat cells, fat binders may help reduce weight.

However, both commit to weight loss, and deciding between the two depends on what satisfies you the best.

Besides, it must not be forgotten that both are mere supplements and can’t replace proper diet and exercise but can rather work side by side.

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