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Is Ligament Surgery Painful

ACL surgery is a medical procedure in which there is a careful replacement or substitution of the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) in the knee. The thigh bone or femur, shinbone or tibia, and patella or kneecap meet to frame your knee joint. The anterior cruciate ligament joints these components together.

Medical procedures requiring recreation or substitution of the ACL are common, particularly among sports athletes. Anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) reconstruction medical procedure can help reestablish proper functioning, movement, and capacity to a knee joint after the ACL injury.

Now the question arises “Is ligament surgery painful?” Through this article, we will try to answer that very question.

ACL Surgery Pain Timeline

Is ligament surgery painful? Well, some discomfort is experienced right after the surgery, which lasts about the first couple of weeks. The complications include pain and swelling around the knee. If the level of swelling worsens over time or if one is experiencing extreme pain after ACL surgery, one should always call in a doctor for a thorough checkup.

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The ACL pain level really is a subjective matter and it depends on how the surgery was performed. One may also experience burning shin pain after ACL surgery.

One can try to limit the pain by resting, putting ice on the injured area, and also certain exercises. Also, try to keep the injured leg elevated when resting. Thus, if one is thinking that is ligament surgery painful, the answer is yes. The surgery comes with a timeframe of pain but it can be limited by exercising and resting.

After ACL Surgery When Can I Walk?

Within the first 12 weeks of the ACL surgery, one is advised to concentrate only on limiting and reducing the pain and swelling around the surgical knee. The first 3 months after ACL surgery pain is reduced overtime and one is likely to take onto some exercises and other physical activities. These include exercises like a stationary bike, elliptical machine, and weight-bearing exercises like leg press, squats, and step-ups.

After about 3 months or so, one can start walking freely and one should experience a pain-free motion of the knee. At this stage, the doctors may allow one to partially take up their respective sports but not indulge fully in it.

The recovery time of different patients varies accordingly. The average time period for full recovery ranges from 3 to 9 months. If one is experiencing pain after ACL surgery 1 year, one should always consult a medical professional as it increases the risk of further damage to the involved knee.

What Not to do After ACL Surgery?

There might be many complications prior to the ACL surgery. That is why the doctors recommend many exercises so as to ensure proper recovery of the injured knee and limit the level of pain and level during the process.

After the ACL surgery, one should always listen to what the doctors have to say and follow them accordingly. During the first few weeks after the ACL surgery, it is important that one rests properly and not put too much pressure on the injured knee… One is also recommended not to fully indulge in physical activities like swimming, cycling, etc. as it may prolong the recovery time.

Thus, an important point to note is that one should always listen to the doctor’s instructions prior to the ACL surgery.

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However, we hope we have answered all the doubts relating to the ex-post and ex-ante phases of the ACL surgery, including questions like “Is ligament surgery painful?”, “What not to do after ACL surgery?” and “After ACL surgery when can I walk?”

Nevertheless, if you still have any queries, do write us in the comment box!!

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