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Knee Replacement Doctor in Patna

Looking for the best Knee Replacement Doctor in Patna, contact Dr. Ramakant Kumar. To know why he is the best Knee Replacement Doctor in Patna read this blog.

But before that let’s have a look at what is knee replacement, its complications and who needs a knee replacement surgery………….


A Knee Replacement is a surgical procedure in which the diseased knee joint is replaced with an artificial material. This procedure involves cutting away damaged bones and cartilage from shinbone, thighbone, and kneecap. And then replaced with artificial joint made of metal alloys, polymers or high-grade plastics.

However, the most common reason for knee replacement surgery is the severe osteoarthritis of the knees. Apart from that, patients whose knees joints are damaged by either progressive arthritis, trauma or rare destructive disease of the joints are also recommended to undergo this surgery.

Regardless of the cause of the damage of the joints, the progressively increasing stiffness and pain along with decreasing daily functions lead the patients to consider a total knee replacement.

Being the best doctor for Knee Joint Replacement in Patna, Dr. Ramakant Kumar has well versed in all surgical procedures of Bilateral Knee Replacement in Patna and Robotic Knee Replacement in Patna.

Who might need a knee replacement surgery

Knee surgery might be suitable for patients who experience:

  • Severe knee pain or stiffness that prevents them from carrying out everyday activities.
  • Moderate but continuous knee pain that continues while resting or sleeping
  • Chronic knee inflammation or swelling that does not improve even after taking medications or resting
  • Knee deformity, where there is a noticeable arch on the inside or outside of the knees
  • Depression, resulting from an inability to carry out the daily or social activity.

Therefore, if the other available treatment options don’t work, then surgery might be the last option.

If you are looking for a Knee Replacement Doctor in Patna, it makes sense to consult Dr. Ramakant, over other Knee Replacement Doctor Patna.

Types of knee replacement surgery

Knee replacement can be total or partial.

Total Knee Replacement

Total knee replacement surgery involves the replacement of both sides of the knee joint. This is the most common procedure.

This Surgery generally lasts between 1 to 3 hours. Individuals will have less pain and better mobility. But, there will be scar tissue, which makes it difficult for them to move and bend the knees.

Partial Knee Replacement

Partial knee replacement surgery replaces only one side of the knee joint. As less bone is removed, this results in small incision, but does not last as long as total knee replacement. Therefore, this surgery is suitable for people with damage to only one part of the knee.

Risks of Undergoing a Knee Replacement Surgery

Knee replacements have a low complication rate.

Possible complications include:

  • Infection, which affects less than 2% of the patients
  • A blood clot in the leg
  • A blood clot in the lungs, or pulmonary embolism
  • A fracture during or after the surgery
  • Nerve damage, leading to numbness or weakness
  • Continued pain or stiffness

Additionally, a sign of infections includes fever, bleeding, swelling, or an increase in pain around the area of operation.

Ranked amongst the Top 5 Orthopedic Doctor in Patna, Dr. Ramakant Kumar is devoted to performing invasive knee replacement surgery at an affordable price. He has developed an enviable reputation as a Top Knee Replacement Doctor in Patna.

Being the best surgeon for Joint Replacement Patna, he makes sure that the complications associated with this surgery of his patients will be less. In addition to that, he also promises his patients to assists them even after the surgery for speedy recovery.

Recovery from knee replacement surgery

A knee replacement surgery generally needs one to three hours of operative time. Post-surgery, Physical Therapy is an extremely important part of rehabilitation. This requires full participation by the patients for optimal outcomes.

During the initial days of physical therapy, there are some degree of discomfort, pain, and stiffness. Therefore, Patients are advised to continue with the exercise of the muscles around the joints to maintain muscle strength. These exercises after surgery can reduce recovery time and lead to stability and optimal strength.

Dr Ramakant Kumar – Best Knee Replacement Doctor Patna

Dr. Ramakant Kumar is a committed high profile surgeon of international reckoning with several publications of PUBMED repute. He had the privilege of acquiring the requisite acumen and skills in Orthopedic surgery from prestigious AIIMS, New Delhi.

In addition to that, Dr. Ramakant is the finest Sports Injury Doctor in Patna. This is because of the numerous successful cases of Knee Replacement Surgery in Patna that he has performed.

Dr. Ramakant Kumar clinic’s quality ratings are excellent amongst the other hospitals of Knee Surgery Patna as renowned for its exceptionally low rate of complications and high patient satisfaction scores.

Upon searching for the Best Orthopedic Doctor in Patna Quora also, you will get to know that Dr. Ramakant Kumar is the Best Knee Replacement Doctor in Patna.

So, if you are residing near Boring Road and looking for a Total Knee Replacement in Patna, contact Dr. Ramakant Kumar………

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