Pre-Workout Meal Plans to Gain Muscle Mass Effortlessly

Pre workout meals for muscle gain

When it comes to increasing muscle mass, the food you put into your body is equally, if not more, important to what you do in the gym? 

Pre workouts promise to be an effective solution to generate energy and stamina for workouts. 

But Does Pre Workout Work?

To boost muscle size and density, you’ll have to pick up heavy weights and move them around with great emphasis.

If you aren’t nourishing your body with high-quality calories in the right quantity, you’ll miss out on important gains inside and outside the gym.

The topic is, does it matter whether you get your calories throughout the day or not?

Are pre-workout meals for muscle gain even significant? Does pre workout really work?

What is the best pre-workout meal for strength building? 

How to Structure a Satisfactory Pre-Workout Meal?

Pre-workout food doesn’t have to be a complex thing to comprehend.

But there are a few rules you should consider if you want to make the most of this important window.

#1. Consume 20-30 Grams of Protein

During the pre-workout window, it’s best to select a protein source that has a sufficient amount of fast-digesting protein (approximately 20-30 grams). 

Choices for standard pre-workout protein comprise whey protein, egg whites, and chicken.

If you’re going to eat any form of animal protein before your workout, it’s best to consume your pre-workout meal at least 2-3 hours before you hit the gym.

Otherwise, you may find that the digestive procedure halts your workout flow.

If you need a timely dose of protein before your workout, it’s best to eat protein that is fast-digesting, like whey protein or egg whites. 

You can also add some Low-Calorie Pre-Workout Snacks to your diet.

If you choose a fast-digesting protein source, you can make your meal or shake, eat it, and get ready to hit the iron within 30-60 minutes.

Though specialists often claim that carbohydrates are the most important component for a pre-workout meal, protein is just as significant.

#2. Eat Carbohydrates

How much carbohydrates you eat in your pre-workout meal will rely on your body-weight, your age, and your macronutrient objectives for muscle-building.

Typically, the common recommendation for carbohydrate intake in a pre-workout meal is around 25-40% of your everyday carb intake.

That can fluctuate, but building a lean physique will expect the majority of your carbohydrates to be eaten around your training in the pre and post window.

To keep it simple, you can plan to pursue a 3:1 ratio of carbohydrate to protein one hour before your training. 

Insulin and blood glucose levels are documented to enhance immediately before a workout. 

Though not important for building muscle, carbohydrates play a valuable role.

It enables us to maintain enough energy to push through a serious workout in the gym and then recover from that workout without any problems.

So, Do Pre Workouts Really Work? Yes, absolutely. The good news is you can try making your own pre-workouts at home. Here are some suggestions.

Pre-Workout Meals for Muscle Gain

If you want a reasonable meal that will offer you an excellent macronutrient combo, here are some meals that would help you enhance muscle strength.

#1. Protein and Oats

Protein and oats are excellent for enhancing your muscles. A Pre-Workout Snack On The Go can be combining delicious oats and milk together.

All you need is oatmeal, rather plain quick oats or rolled oats, and the protein powder of your choosing. 

You can make hot oatmeal and add protein powder if you prefer a soft meal.

Or you can try overnight protein oats, a trend that has grown in favor over the last years.

#2. Egg Whites and Toast

Egg whites, similar to whey protein, are a fast-digesting source of protein.

Any form of fast-digesting protein is excellent as a workout meal.

Here, the goal is to consume protein and begin a workout soon after without feeling lazy.

#3. Chicken and Rice

If you’ve limited hours before your workout, chicken is an elegant choice as a workout protein source. 

Out of all the animal protein sources you could eat before a workout, chicken is one of the nicest because it hits a limited key point.

It’s high in protein and low in fat.


You can add rich sources of micronutrients to your diet to enjoy a better workout and get amazing energy levels.

A satisfactory pre-workout meal can help you get better energy, stamina, and strength.

And remember eating carbs is also important as a fuel for your body. So, if you really want to perform and get the best results out of your workouts, pre-workout meals are essential. 

Try the above-suggested pre-workout meals for muscle gain and get the best outcome from your gym sessions.


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