Shoulder Dislocation Types & Treatments

Shoulder Dislocation

Shoulder  Dislocation befalls when the round ball at the top of the upper arm bowl or humerus leaves the socket in the scapula.

This means the humerus gets out of position where the ball & the socket gets separated.

Moreover, there is a chance of injury to the tissue that holds the bone.

Hence, the cartilage that covers & protects the bones can get teared. Although the partially dislocated shoulder means that only the upper arm bone is out of the socket.

Moving on to next, let’s get a deep analysis of why the shoulder gets dislocated & who is more likely to get affected?

What Causes Shoulder Dislocation?

Shoulder Dislocation generally occurs during sports activities due to a fall or blow to the shoulder.

Although, this shoulder dislocation mainly occurs in youngsters who are more into sports activities like football, volleyball, & basketball.

Older patients also get affected because of the weakening of ligaments & cartilage that supports the shoulder.

What Are the Different Shoulder Dislocation Types?

The different shoulder dislocations need distinguished treatments, & to get a better idea about the treatments, you need to apprehend different types of shoulder dislocation.

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The different shoulder dislocation PPT types are:


The head of the arm bone (humerus) moves forward, in front of the socket (glenoid). This is the most common type of dislocation and usually occurs when the arm is stretch.


When the head of the arm moves downwards the armpit then it causes inferior  dislocation. Hence, it is one of the least common injuries.


The Rear shoulder dislocation is generally caused by electric shocks in which the head of the arm moves behind & above the socket.

Now, moving on to next, you must be tempting to know the best treatments available for dislocated & stern shoulders.

But, before heading to that, if you don’t know about shoulder dislocation orthobullets, here is a quick glance.

Orthtobullets is a learning place for orthopedic doctors where they can learn new things regarding the surgeries & the different injuries through which the patients suffer.

Now, without beating around the bush, here are the treatment options that are require according to your injury.

Different Shoulder Dislocation Treatments

According to Dr. Ramakant Kumar, the chief Orthopedic Doctor in Patna, the purpose of the treatments are to diminish the dislocation of the shoulder & return the humerus to its normal place.

Moreover, there are different kinds of methods that are used to achieve the goal & depend upon the injury of the patients.

Most probably, closed  dislocation requires no incisions or cuts. On the other hand, open reductions refer to surgeries to repair the bone in the glenoid socket that is cause by the repeated injury.

The Types of Open Shoulder Reductions Are:

  • Scapular manipulation
  •  External rotation (Hennepin maneuver)
  •   Stimson technique

Regardless, of this, the other effective surgery is Shoulder Arthroscopic Surgery that is required to tighten the torn & stretched ligaments.

However, after the treatment, your doctor might suggest you some shoulder  exercises that will aid you in reducing the pain.

 Shoulder Dislocation Exercises Will Aid You In:

  • Relieving pain
  • Reducing stiffness
  • Successful recovery

Dislocated Shoulder Recovery Time

The 1st shoulder dislocation recovery time might take some time, most probably you’ll stop wearing the sling after two days of surgery.

Rather than that, it’ll take 14 to 16 weeks to recover after the surgery. However, you get strict advise from your doctor to not lift heavy weight for 3 to 6 months of the surgery.

Moreover, there are fewer chances of dislocation again after the surgery until you go for some sports activities.

Hence. If that happens talk to your medical team.

Dr. Ramakant Kumar – The Acclaimed Doctor for Shoulder Dislocation in Patna

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Winding Up

Shoulder Dislocation, if not get treated on time will adverse the situation.

So, don’t wait until the situation gets worse.

Hence, if you have any further doubts or queries, please ask in the comment section below.

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