Some of the Weirdest Compulsions That People with OCD Have!

Some of the Weirdest Compulsions That People with OCD Have

OCD, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, also known as a brain disorder that is mostly generalized as compulsive thoughts & actions but, still there are some of the weirdest compulsions that people with OCD have.

Moreover, if you are eager to know about these not-so-common & bizarre compulsions of OCD, then go through the whole blog to know some rare forms of OCD, that are leading OCD people mentally unstable.

However, before heading to the types of OCD, it’s better to know about the OCD intrusive thoughts that make it worse & uncontrollable.

What Causes OCD to Get Worse?

While, there is no complete information or understanding regarding the cause of OCD, but there are several factors behind it. Hence, some of them are:


Research says that you have a higher chance of OCD if you have a relative with OCD.


Some brain trauma may work as a factor for OCD, but more research regarding this is still in process.

Brain Structure

Dr. Vivek Pratap Singh who provides the finest OCD Treatment in Patna, says that OCD sufferers have a neural circuit between the prefrontal cortex that affects the decision-making process.

 Some of the Weirdest Compulsions That People With OCD Have Are:

Everyone jokes about OCD, but the people who struggle through this can only understand, there is no joy at all, and hence, no one enjoys their OCD.

Some of the rare forms of OCD & the weirdest OCD compulsions are:

 Hyperness OCD

Hyperness OCD aka Somatic OCD is something when a person gets obsessed with body parts or common body functions.

Moreover, this states that sometimes the person might think about blinking, or breathing, or other bodily functions.

Relationship OCD

Relationship OCD aka ROCD is something in which a person doubts about their partner, like if their partner the right choice for them or not. Hence, these things also lead to fights & might end up the relationship.

Unusual OCD

People worry about unusual things & anything can trigger them, live the buttons on the TV remote, icons on the mobile phone. Also, they might think that these things are watching them.

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Now, moving to the next, some OCD intrusive thoughts can lead to the worst kind of OCD, which can be life-taking.

What Are The 4 Types Of OCD That Affects The Brain?

  • Contamination OCD
  • Existential OCD
  • Perfection OCD
  • Cleaning OCD

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 The Conclusion

We through this article tried to give you all the required information, so go through the blog & understand some of the weirdest compulsions that people with OCD have.

However, if you have any further queries, then ask us in the comment section below.

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