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Shoulder Arthroscopy is surgery that uses a tiny camera called an arthroscope to examine, inspect or repair the tissues inside or around the shoulder joint. The Arthroscope is inserted through a small cut called incision into the skin. The main advantage of an arthroscopy surgery is the minimal incision requirement for treatment and diagnoses along with faster recovery than open surgery.

Injury, overuse, and age-related wear and tear are mainly responsible for most shoulder-related problems. Thus, shoulder arthroscopy may help relieve painful symptoms of many problems that damage the cartilage, tendons, or other soft tissues surrounding the joints.

Being the Top Shoulder Arthroscopy Specialist in Patna, Dr. Ramakant Kumar is well verse in performing all the surgical procedures of Shoulder Arthroscopy Patna. This is because he has performed numerous cases of Shoulder Arthroscopy in Patna with high success rate and low complications score, which makes him the Best Arthroscopy Surgeon Patna.

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