How Much Does It Cost to Fix a Pothole in Toronto?

Encountering potholes is an inevitable part of having a driveway. However, potholes can also appear on roads and parking lots.

These are usually caused by numerous factors including, moisture damage, freeze-thaw cycles, pavement base failure, or heavy traffic loads among other factors.

Most importantly, potholes pose a liability to both vehicle and pedestrian traffic. They can cause flat tires, bent rims, vehicle alignment issues, and, in some cases, auto accidents as well.

Furthermore, if you’ve got “BIG POTHOLES” in your asphalt driveway, it also damages the look of your property.

So, it should be your top priority to fix these potholes as soon as they appear.

Leaving them usually results in a wider damage area that will eventually cost you even more to FIX.

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