How Much Does It Cost to Fix a Pothole in Toronto?

pothole repair cost

Encountering potholes is an inevitable part of having a driveway. However, potholes can also appear on roads and parking lots.

These are usually caused by numerous factors including, moisture damage, freeze-thaw cycles, pavement base failure, or heavy traffic loads among other factors.

Most importantly, potholes pose a liability to both vehicle and pedestrian traffic. They can cause flat tires, bent rims, vehicle alignment issues, and, in some cases, auto accidents as well.

Furthermore, if you’ve got “BIG POTHOLES” in your asphalt driveway, it also damages the look of your property.

So, it should be your top priority to fix these potholes as soon as they appear.

Leaving them usually results in a wider damage area that will eventually cost you even more to FIX.

Check out the next section to know How Much Do Pothole Repairs Cost…

How Much Do Pothole Repair Cost?

Each pothole begins with a crack. Well, crack development can be a sign of something more troubling going on beneath the asphalt surface.

In fact, more times than not there are sub-base failures that tend to worsen due to heavy traffic. 

Fixing these cracks can cost you anywhere around $100 to $500 depending on the location.

But when these cracks go on to become big potholes, you may have to incur major expenses. The Asphalt Pothole Repair Cost is much more than fixing a minor crack.

So, being informed can definitely help save you money!

Here are some other repairing Asphalt Pothole Cost factors that help you design your budget for repairs and maintenance.

#1: The Types Of Material

The first factor that can affect the pricing will be the type of material used to cover or smooth over the pothole.

One of the most efficient solutions nowadays is Pothole Spray Patching.

Plus, there are different grades of asphalt. The higher the grade, the higher the cost will be.

#2: Pothole Size

The cost of pothole repairs depends on the number of potholes that are present.

Thus, the more potholes you need to have repaired, the higher the price you will have to pay. 

Now, let’s see what the extra Asphalt Pothole Cost is…

What Are the Extra Pothole Repair Costs?

For pothole repairs covering much bigger areas than the average-sized potholes, the extent of the use of injection sprays and other tools would differ.

In a few cases, there would also be the requirement to use cement.

If you’ve got potholes in your own driveway, you may need to buy extra tools such as containers, sprays, and brushes to work with the solution.

Here are some tips to know:

If you properly maintain your driveway, you will be much less likely to see potholes formation.

Maintenance includes having the driveway seal covered to prevent water from leaking into the asphalt.

You should also try to avoid standing water on the driveway. If you see a puddle, try to brush off the water with a push broom. 

How Can I Save Money on Pothole Repairs Toronto?

If there are big potholes in your driveway, you must do the essential research on the best solutions to fix them.

And make sure to find the best contractor in your area to carry out the task.

Furthermore, if you want to hire a Pothole Repair Contractor, try to hire a company that has been in the industry for years.

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Author: Main Infrastructure

Main Infrastructure is the best pothole repair company in Toronto that offers all kinds of asphalt repair and maintenance services. To provide you with a durable and resurrected pavement, we retain the material quality and service standard.

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  1. Wow, it’s great that you provided the estimated cost of a pothole repair. After seeing some damage on the driveway, my husband and I thought about getting it fixed before summer ends. Since you mentioned that the cost would be around $100 to $500 depending on the location, I guess I shall then look for paving companies nearby and compare their prices before choosing one.

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