Knee Joint replacement Tips for Better Recovery

Total Knee Replacement Expectations

This blog is dedicated to issuing Total Knee Replacement Expectations… So, go through it to clear all your doubts associated with this particular issue…

A total knee replacement is when the knee joints are replaced completely with artificial elements. These artificial components of the knee are called a prosthesis.

People with severe joint pains and unending pain go for this surgery. The condition, known as osteoarthritis, causes complete malfunction of the knee joints. Well, undergoing this surgery involves few risks. Blood clots, nausea, vomiting, urine infection are a few of them.  You are also kept under observation for a time being. That is if the patient suffers from any pain they can look into it.

The real question arises after knee replacement surgery is ‘What are total knee replacement expectations?’,’ What not to do after knee replacement?’,’ What is total knee replacement recovery time swelling?’,’ How much walking after knee replacement?’.

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Well, this article will answer all your questions. We will tell you what precautions after knee replacement can be taken. This article will also discuss knee replacement recovery tips.

Let’s discuss things you can do or not do after the surgery.

Knee Replacement Recovery Tips

The Do’s:

  • Elevate your leg with pillows
  • Regular ice pack for the knee
  • Work on bending and straightening the leg.
  • Take plenty of rest.

The don’ts

  • Avoid impactful sports
  • Don’t ignore your pain.
  • Don’t stop using your knees completely.

Thus, here are a few knee replacement recovery tips. Now, we will discuss what you can expect after knee replacement.

Total Knee Replacement Expectations


Well, recovery from surgery will take its time. Too much therapy won’t help you recover fast. Recovery will be slow and steady. However, the movement of the new joint is an important part of the surgery. Moreover, improvements will be noticed within the first few weeks only.

Above all, the knee replacement recovery time frame is 6 weeks maximum. After that, you can walk without any support. However, impactful sports should be avoided still.

At Home

Recovery from knee replacement at home can be a very good decision. You may ask how much walking after knee replacement is necessary. So, walking after every 90 minutes for 5 to 10 minutes can be very helpful. Nonetheless, if there is a swelling lift your leg up with help of a pillow.

You can install prevention equipment at your home. For instance, a bath mat to avoid slipping while showering will help. Ramps and nightlights will also assist during the recovery time frame.

Flexibility & Strength

The replaced joint will not be as flexible as the original one. Many activities will become hard like running; kneeling, gardening, etc. will be difficult. However, staying active will help achieve flexibility in the long run.

Weight Management

Our knees handle most of our body weight. That is why it is necessary to manage weight. Obesity also increases the risk of inflammation. Similarly, it can also damage the artificial knee. It can cause you to implant some unwanted damage.

Therefore, weight management is important. As said before, impactful sports should be avoided. Therefore, exercise is not an option.  A healthy diet will help you reduce your weight.

These are the few precautions after knee replacement which is necessary. Many patients experience reduced pain after surgery. Also, the strength of the knee increases with regular mobility. Knee replacement surgery is mostly successful. It can have a positive impact on your energy levels.

Research shows that most implants last for more than 25 years. However, it is false to say it functions as your natural knee.

However, the implant is not enough. Regular exercise and therapy are important. Regular checkups are necessary too. Thus, we would recommend you to visit Dr. Ramakant Kumar, the best Knee Replacement Doctor in Patna, Bihar.

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He is an experienced orthopedist who is also one of the best surgeons for knee replacement in India. Thus, his main aim is to provide every small detail about your problem, and hand in hand provides a solution to it.

Thus, if you have any queries related to your knee surgery issues, do let us know.


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