What Is The Recovery Time For Arthroscopic Meniscus Repair?

what is the recovery time for arthroscopic meniscus repair

In this blog, Find out What Is The Recovery Time For Arthroscopic Meniscus Repair?

Meniscus is a piece of cartilage existing in the knee. The operation to repair or remove the meniscus is often called meniscus surgery.

The procedure is done with an aim to reduce the pain while increasing the mobility. While the surgery takes an hour to complete, the rehabilitation takes a period of few weeks.

To be precise, the meniscus surgery success rate thoroughly depends on the surgeon that you are opting to.

Coming back to the point, lets discuss and know more about Meniscus Repair in the next section.

What is Meniscus Surgery?

Well, each of our knee has two menisci. They primarily act as a shock absorber in the knee joint. If by any chance, your meniscus gets injured or torn, your health expert will recommend you to go for a surgery.

So, basically, meniscus surgery is an operation to treat or repair your damaged meniscus so that it gets back in its original state.

Moreover, Meniscus surgery is mostly common for those who are into sports. Since, a sudden collision or twist can tear your meniscus, its more likely to happen with sports person.

However, older people are also prone towards facing it. Moving towards the next section, lets get to know more about the advantages of Meniscus Surgery.

Advantages of Meniscus Surgery

Well, there must be some reasons why your health care provider instantly recommends you to go for surgery.

There are plenty of benefits that you can acquire after the surgery. Some of them are mentioned below.

#1. Surgery can increase stability as well as mobility in your knees

#2. It helps you get to back to doing normal activities such as sports

#3. Prohibit the development or growth of arthritis

#4. Complete relief or reduction in pain

So, this was all about the benefits that you can get with the surgery. Many people have been wanting to know what is the fastest way to recover from meniscus surgery. Well, going for a surgery is the best possible way to get away with it.

If you are worried about the long-term problems after meniscus surgery, you need to be concerned about the surgeon you are taking help of.

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Moving on to the next part, lets talk about the symptoms of torn meniscus.

Symptoms of Meniscus Tear

The symptoms of meniscus tear can vary among individuals. However, some of the most common symptoms are mentioned below:

#1. Constant pain in the knee joint, especially in the inside and the back side of the knee

#2. Limping

#3. Swelling

#4. Locking or catching of the knee joint

#5. Not being able to extend the knee joint at full motion

So, this was all about the major symptoms that you are likely to notice If your meniscus is injured in some way.

Lets now talk about the recovery time after meniscus surgery.

Recovery Time of Meniscus Tear Surgery

Most of the people who undergo meniscus surgery can often walk on crunches soon. Moreover, many are able to do regular activities in 6 to 8 weeks.

Your doctor would always recommend you to do low intensity activities that doesn’t causes much stress to the knees.

Although, its you who have to take precautions and be careful since the time your are completely healthy.

If your job requires physical activities, we recommend you to take extra time work off to recover quickly.

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The Conclusion

In this blog, we discussed so many aspects of meniscus surgery. You might have got a thorough information about every aspect of meniscus surgery.

Along with that, we tried our best to provide a clear answer for what is the recovery time for arthroscopic meniscus repair.

If you are going through severe knee pain, you must visit your health care provider for the further suggestions. Moreover, an arthroscopic surgery can help you in many ways.

Hope you found this article informative. For further queries, mention them down below.

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