Link Between Zinc and Testosterone – Why Men Need Zinc?

does zinc help increase testosterone

The benefits of zinc as a dietary mineral is well known in the health industry.

Sufficient intake of zinc through diet can help with immunity and strength. 

Besides, it’s one of the most crucial minerals to boost testosterone and other androgen hormones. Thus, playing an integral part in male reproductive functions. 

That’s the reason why zinc is often considered indispensable if you really want an optimal testosterone count.

But the bad news is…

The body doesn’t store zinc and you can lose it pretty easily through sweat. So, you really need to check if you’re meeting daily RDI. 

Well, in today’s blog, we’ll detail how exactly does zinc help increase testosterone and what you can do to meet the daily needed levels. 

First, let’s have a look at why zinc deficiency and testosterone depletion go hand in hand. 

Does Zinc Help Increase Testosterone?

Does Zinc Help Increase Testosterone

Yes, it does and there is scientific data to back that up. 

While the research is limited, some evidence suggests low zinc level affects the cells in testes that produce testosterone.

Furthermore, the mineral is also proven to affect enzymes that build proteins.

This indicates zinc plays a key role in lean muscle mass development. 

Thus, this explains the lack of muscle tissue and fat build-up often experienced by men lacking testosterone.

Taking this as an assumption, it may indicate a lack of zinc and testosterone are invariably related.

As previously mentioned, the body doesn’t have a stable store of zinc to use. So, you have to meet the demands consistently through diet. 

However, the thing is most of us are unable to meet dietary intake of zinc due to an imbalanced diet. 

An adult needs about 8-14mg per day. And that exceeds to about 15mg if you’re an athlete or someone who likes to indulge in sweaty exercise sessions. 

Some good food sources of zinc include oysters, lobsters, chicken breast, and lentils.

Though, a supplement is often recommended if you’re unable to meet daily levels through diet.

What’s more?

Some leading testosterone supplements have adequate amounts of zinc to accelerate testosterone secretion. 

Here are our recommendations.

Top Testosterone Booster with Zinc

The below-mentioned testosterone pills not only have zinc but they also have magnesium.

Zinc, when used in combination with magnesium, can help speed up testosterone production.

While zinc helps optimize testosterone production, magnesium improves sleep quality and workout recovery. 

Check out these testosterone supplements to get the benefits of both the micronutrients. 

#1. TestoGen


This is one of the most known T-Boosters among aging men and for good reasons.

TestoGen Before and After Results indicate men become stronger, sharper, and have more muscle mass after the recommended use. 

Furthermore, TestoGen also enhances workouts and mental focus.

Apart from zinc and magnesium, this T-Booster also boasts of an amazing concentration of D-Aspartic acid (DAA). 

As an amino acid, DAA has shown to perk up testosterone levels after just 12 days of supplementation.

Well, Prime Male is another T-Booster sharing some of the properties of TestoGen.

So, have a look at TestoGen vs Prime Male to know which one will be a better fit for you. 

#2. Prime Male

Prime Male

This is yet another testosterone supplement with an optimum dosage of zinc and magnesium to accommodate T boost. 

Moreover, Prime Male is a trusted household name among men who face a serious lack of testosterone as they grow old. 

Men report feeling more strength, stamina, improved cognitive abilities, and weight loss after using this supplement.

Do have a look at Prime Male vs TestoGen if you’re still confused on which T-Booster to choose.

As both the pills work pretty well, you can pick either of the two.

So, consider the budget and preference for ingredients as your selection criteria.

#3. Hunter Test

Hunter Test

This T-Booster stands apart from other testosterone supplements currently available due to its rigorously researched formula. 

Hunter Test has no artificial flavors, colors, or synthetic hormones to perk up testosterone production. 

Further, men using Hunter Test usually say they feel more energized and have better workouts just after a few weeks usage. 

The best part is there are almost zero cases where men have felt little to moderate discomfort after using the supplement. 

Well, as both Hunter Test and Prime Male share some of their key ingredients, you might benefit from reading Hunter Test vs Prime Male comparison.

So, which of the T-Boosters do you think is worth buying? 

With optimum zinc levels in your body, it’s very much possible to reverse the signs of low T.

Drop your comments below to let us know of any more questions you may have!!


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