At Home Yoga Stretches for After-Workout Sore Muscles

Yoga stretches to relieve sore muscles

Looking for some yoga stretches to relieve sore muscles? You’ve come to the right page!

So, you got the membership in that neighborhood gym and ended up doing the most intense workout.  

However, what’s the next thing in the morning that doesn’t let you get out of bed? No, it’s not Monday blues, it’s your sore muscles!  

Sore muscles, scientifically known as Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS), is what you get the day after an intense workout. It occurs when you put a lot of pressure on the muscles, more than usual. It can happen after an intense workout session or if you just started working out. 

Who all are more likely to get DOME? 

  • People who have just started working out 
  • Change in your workout routine 
  • Any new workout 

Is DOME Normal?

Undoubtedly, yes! It’s quite normal and may stay for a week or so. 

However, when DOME hits in, the only thing you wanna do is nothing. Moreover, you think it would be better with a hot water bag. Isn’t it? Well, that’s indeed relieving.  

However, it would be more relieving in the long run if you try doing Yoga for Muscle Recovery. Subsequently, a question arises, what is the Best Type of Yoga for Sore Muscles?  

In this blog, we are going to cater to this question. Furthermore, we’ll inform you on topics like Yoga Postures for Lower Back Pain, yoga tips , etc. 

So, let’s get started!

Best Type of Yoga for Sore Muscles to Practice at Home

Let us look at some of the after-workout postures of Yoga for Muscle Recovery:​

#1. Child’s Pose

This posture allows lower back pain release, the opening of your hips, inner thighs, and spine stretch.

#2. Forward Fold

This yogic posture is the most satisfying for people with tight hamstrings.  

Nevertheless, this is the Best Type of Yoga for Sore Muscles, especially if you are an athlete. This posture involves forward bend and fold, thus a great back pain reliever. 

#3. Lizard Pose

Although this type of yoga posture is more relieving in tight quads and hamstrings, it’s also counted in Yoga for Lower Back Pain. Moreover, it also hits your hip flexors.  

NOTE: Breath deep as this pose gets intense. Furthermore, use blocks for more support. Practice 5 breaths on each side. 

#4. Reclined Pose

Did they say squats for strengthened and toned hips? But all you got is intense pain?  

Undoubtedly, you would end up getting the desired toned muscles. However, before that, let’s first cope with the present pain.  

This is a restorative posture that helps in softening and relaxing your hip muscles.  

#5. Bridge Pose

Are you looking for ​Yoga Postures for Lower Back Pain? Moreover, for the chest and shoulders? Then, try this bridge pose for instant recovery.

#6. Legs Up Against the Wall

How does this posture of Yoga for Muscle Recovery work?  

It works by enabling pure oxygenated blood flow back to your muscles, hence inducing blood circulation. Hence, it is the best pose, post intense cardio workout.  

Now that we’ve covered the Best Type of Yoga for Sore Muscles, let’s ponder over some of the related questions.  

Does Yoga Reduce Stiff Muscles?

Without a shadow of a doubt, yes!

Yoga not only helps to relieve stiff muscles but also helps in:

  • Relieving Stress 
  • Increasing Flexibility  
  • Improving Sleep Quality 
  • Improving body balance 
  • Strengthening muscles 
  • Improving body posture 

In fact, if you have stiff muscles, practicing yoga can be even more beneficial. Moreover, checking over your breathing and holding onto different poses increases flexibility.  

However, before practicing yoga, here are a few guidelines you should use.

Tips to Practice Yoga Stretches to Relieve Sore Muscles

  • Don’t Overstretch: If you’re a beginner, don’t overdo it. In fact, doing that might lead to injuries.
  • Breathing is Key: Breath deep when you go intense and while practicing a restorative pose. 
  • Proper Props to Prep You: You don’t have to completely compromise on your comfort. Therefore, make friends with blocks, mats, and bolsters, etc. while practicing Yoga Postures for Lower Back Pain.  
  • Do More of Restorative Pose: Undoubtedly, you don’t wanna move a lot when muscles are sore. Hence, go for Yoga Postures for Lower Back Pain, which are relaxing and rejuvenating. 

Final Thoughts

Yoga for lower back pain, yoga for muscle recovery, and yoga tips. We hope you found answers to all such topics through this blog. 

At the end of the day, it will be you who will see the results. Therefore, it should be you putting efforts for the same. Nevertheless, we are always here to motivate you.

Drop your questions right below to let us know of any of your doubts. 

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